Jessica Korda rises in Olympic Golf Ranking after runner-up

by Preston Smith


Korda led throughout the Hugel-Air Premia LA Open but was ultimately overcome during the final round by Canadian Brooke Henderson, who closed with a 4-under round.

“Really frustrating, really couldn't get anything going,” said Korda of her final round, a 1-over effort. “I was hitting it really good and then just it wasn't happening for me for some reason. Just kept getting screwed and the wind kept dropping and then coming back up and we were -- we just -- it just wasn't happening. I don't know. I couldn't make anything happen today. I tried. I tried to force a couple birdies, and, you know, if -- I had a great little 8-iron into the par-5 15 and takes the biggest bounce I've ever seen and goes over the green.”